There are several paths to choose from when registering in UProcess Color Academy. Our set of courses is described below:

Table of contents:

  • Course 1: The Color GPS, a stand alone course that introduces you to UProcess methods. ($250)
  • Course 2: Driven 2 Color Performance, an advanced course that covers all of your haircolor understanding needs. ($1250) Purchasing Course 2 includes Course 1 at no additional cost.
  • Course 3: U Create Formulas, a course designed as a challenge for senior colorists and Uprocess Color Academy graduates. Test your skill!

The Color GPS

COURSE 1: THE COLOR GPS sets a new standard for Client Consultations for already successful Colorists and prepares you for Course 2: “Driven to Color Performance”. The COLOR GPS is your script to Perfect Hair Color Consultations including perfect color selections, formulation and home care maintenance for each and every client. 

Yes, perfect Hair Color formulations in just five minutes, when you “STICK TO THE SCRIPT!”

“The Color GPS” education system contains 5 hours of video instruction on the Academy’s Learning Management System, and includes a kit:

  • 25 Client Consultation Scripts with Clip board
  • 2 Seasonal Draping Swatches
  • 2 Double-Sided faceFrames
  • Seasonal Hair Color Palettes (Warm and Cool Colors)
  • Hair Color Rules
  • Factoid Chart ( Story Board )
  • Carrying Case and Pen

Your “Color GPS” kit will be mailed directly to you. After you finish the “Color GPS” quizzes and Forums you will receive your “Color GPS” Certificate and your Hair Coloring backpack. Your Color Navigator (an online instructor) will be checking your progress! Make sure to add your mailing address on the order form, and shipping is free!

Your career investment for The Color GPS is only $250.00 After you purchase “The Color GPS” you will receive your username and password within 24 hours by email to “The Color GPS” course. Then, login at   Send your address for “The GPS Kit” shipment.

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Course 2: Driven 2 Color Performance

White highway

COURSE 2  “DRIVEN 2 COLOR PERFORMANCE” is the second course of Core Hair Color Hands-On Education. It also includes all video content and kit contents of Course 1: The Color GPS, at no additional cost!

Hands-on exercises are performed using the “Driven 2 Color Performance” online course and a hair color Backpack Kit, Shipped free. Just make sure to include your shipping information when you order.

The Kit Contains: 

  • A 5 Section Mannequin Designed for Hair Color Exercises
  • Digital Scale (ounces/grams)
  • Color Bowls
  • Brushes
  • Comb
  • Clips
  • Barrier Film
  • Towel
  • Timer
  • Gloves
  • Cotton
  • 1 Pre-Color Shampoo
  • 2 post-Color Shampoos
  • Developers for Course Module Exercises
  • Semi-permanent color
  • Demi-permanent colors
  • High-lift color
  • Permanent colors
  • Non-Ammonia Permanent color
  • after-color shampoos

In Course 2 you experience the Foundational Rules of Color, including the six questions you must be able to answer to successfully complete any hair coloring service.  Then apply ten applications of color to the exclusive Uprocess five section mannequin.  Each application is designed to instruct the student in the often-missed details and information needed to be an exceptional colorist.  Fifty colors are to be evaluated and the results discussed with your Personal Color Navigator (online instructor).  You can reach out to your Navigator through the forum or email.  Your experienced Color Navigator offers a lifetime of hair color answers to your questions. 

Your career investment for Driven 2 Color Performance is just $1250.00 After you purchase you will be given a username and password within 24 hours by email to the both “The Color GPS” and “Driven 2 Color Performance” Courses.

After you receive your registration login information go to Log in with your username and password and visit “The Color GPS” and “Driven 2 Color Performance” to start watching your online Color Education Modules.

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Course 3: U Create Formulas

U Create Formulas

COURSE 3 “U CREATE FORMULAS” is a whole day ( 5 hours ) online course including a formulation support kit, shipped free. Make sure you include your shipping address when you order!

U Create is designed for you to check your ability to relate to the hair color client, ensure her a life enhancing hair color,  assist her in achieving her dreams and create the client relationship and her formula in ten minutes or less! 

U Create Formulas is a confidence builder and makes a powerful presentation when looking for employment, negotiating a raise, acquiring a cosmetology teacher’s position, becoming a color manufacturer’s educator, rising to be your salon’s style director or quickly build your Behind the Chair Color Business. Display your diploma with pride and show your forums to validate your wins!

The Kit Contains:

  • Seven Client Script Forms
  • 130 Uprocess Universal Hair Color Flash Cards ( SWATCHES ) in a Velvet Pouch

Course 3 is a Hair Color Challenge that showcases your ability to develop a precise formula for
six clients. In the first two modules you will review the client’s hair care and color history from
the provided script and evaluate the client’s desired color. Use the universal hair color flash
cards to envision the client’s existing hair color and the exact new color they desire. Work the
formulation chart to develop the new color formula.

Four modules contain GO-TO color resources for you to review and use if necessary add-on services are needed to ensure formula accuracy. The resources are lifetime! Most of the six clients have more than one color formulation pathway to achieve color results. Your navigator will recognize your plan of action.

Any time you have questions reach out to your navigator through the forum. To receive confirmation of your formulas’ accuracy place your formula in the Client’s name’s forum. Challenge completion certificates will be mailed upon Navigator’s acceptance of your six challenges.

Your career investment for U Create Formulas is just $150.00 After you purchase you will be given a username and password within 24 hours by email to the “U Create Formulas” Course. Email the address where you want your UCreate kit sent.

After you receive your registration login information go to Log in with your username and password and visit “U Create Formulas” to start watching your online Color Education Modules.

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