Coloring hair is a

Process and It’s All About You;

your vision, your knowledge, your skill…

A wall of different colors of yarn.

Color changes everything! Color changes the image.

A woman’s image starts with her hair color.
Hair color can contour or slim the face, give sparkle to the eyes, and refine the neckline.
Perfect hair color starts with a facial skin tone evaluation.

Discover the Key Element

U Process unlocks the secrets of how the EYE SEES COLOR. The artist’s eye is the bases of all art forms involving color and the eye is key to every successful hair coloring service.

Create a New Salon Experience

Utilize the UProcess hair coloring consultation tools to boost client relationships and retention.  Enjoy the benefits of immediate re-bookings, more referrals and no more re-dos!

Build Your Color Business

Business excels with continuous education, no matter whether one is a novice or an accomplished colorist.

The learning process:

WHY, HOW and IF equal Reason, Technique & Potential.

UProcess’ Coaches are available to support observations, answer questions, and applaud accomplishments throughout the course by text, phone or online.

SCREEN Hair Color is Uprocess’ foundational color, however we work with all professional color brands. Get in touch with us to learn about the extensive list of colors and products we offer to licensed professionals.

Coaching by Seasoned Pros

With more that 30 years of active participation in the hair and beauty industry, we have gathered the knowledge, experience, and expertise to coach our peers in the many facets of the salon business. We mentor salon owners, colorists, and newbies.

Founder’s resume given on request.