Hair Coloring Courses and Pricing

There are several paths to choose from when registering at UProcess Color Academy. Our set of courses is described below:

Table of contents:

  • Course 1: Hair Color Coding: Learn how to choose the perfect color for your clients. Become the best colorist in town! ($150)
  • Course 2: The Color GPS: Introduces you to information and methods that guarantee fast and fun hair color consultations, perfect color selections and client satisfaction. ($250). Purchasing Course 2 includes Course 1 at no additional cost.
  • Course 3: Driven 2 Color Performance: A comprehensive course that unlocks the secrets of how hair color works and what all great hair colorists know. ($1250). Purchasing Course 3 includes Course 1 and Course 2 at no additional cost.
  • Course 4: U Create Formulas: A course designed to challenge senior colorists and Uprocess Color Academy graduates. Test your skill! ($150)


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Course 1: Hair Color Coding


Hair Color Coding online modules can be completed in 1 hour. Several hours of practice are suggested on models to train your eye to the concept.   Course1: Become the busiest Hair Colorist in town, not because of your color brand but because you have a trained eye that selects the best Hair Color for every client’s facial skin tone. The online course is one hour long, divided into 5 modules, each 3-15 minutes long, 2 quizzes to help you check your knowledge and 2 forums to share ideas and insights. Once registered you will receive by mail your hands on kit: Silver and Gold facial drapes 2 double sided hair color-coding selectors Certificates of completion are offered when quizzes completed. Navigators are always there to answer questions or confirm your insights.   Course 1 Cost: $150.00 For more information contact: [email protected]

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Course 2: The GPS, Color Essentials, includes Course 1: “Color Coding”


The “GPS” online course takes less than 5 hours to complete   Select the perfect hair color for every client. Set a higher standard for every client’s color consultation. Yes, perfect hair color selections and formulations can be made in just 5 minutes. It’s easy when you stick to the “GPS Script”. The online course comes with a kit of consultation tools that when used with the Script create your “GPS” to success.   The kit includes: 25 Client Questionnaires and Clipboard 2 Seasonal Color Drapes 2 Double sided Seasonal Hair/Skin Tone Frames Hair Color Swatches separated by Season/ Skin Tones Chart of Hair Color Rules and Facts Salon presentation case The kit will be mailed to you. Your online instruction includes quizzes that show you what you have learned. Forums to share your experience. Navigators to evaluate your progress and /or answer questions or assist in giving more information. When you want more answers or information a navigator can assist you by phone, text or email. Contact: [email protected]     Course 2 Cost: $250.00 Your username and password will be emailed to you after your purchase. Make sure you add your mailing address to receive your kit. Free Shipping

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Course 3: Driven 2 Hair Color Performance, includes course 2 “The GPS”


The course can be completed in 5-9 weeks. We recommend you take no longer than 9 weeks as you will build your skill set faster and stronger. The GPS gives you all the information needed to be a great hair colorist. Using that information, you apply all you have learned from the GPS to the art of mixing, applying, and evaluating hair color results found in Driven 2 Hair Color Performance. You will be working with a 5-section mannequin, each section is a different natural hair color. You will create and apply 12 different color formulas in designated patterns. Each hair color section will give different results with the same formula.  You will see 60 different colors on your mannequin.  Your work is to observe and understand the results. Why is each section giving different results with the same color formula?  Learn what is and is not possible. Take a video of each finished application, tell your thoughts on the results.  Place the video in the forum. Your navigator will check your work and respond with comments. Check out previous forums.   Course 3 kit:   All items and online education in “The GPS” and “Driven 2 Hair Color Perfection” 5 Section Human Hair Mannequin Hair Color Scale Hair Color Timer Press and Seal sectioning product Clips, Comb, Gloves, Towel Clarifying Shampoo Developers Types of Hair Color: Semi Demi Permanent High lift Non-Ammonia 10 Minute / Express Color Backpack carrying bag   Course 3 Cost: $1250.00   After you purchase you will receive: Username and password Login and start your course: Your kits will be mailed directly to you. Please supply your address For more information or questions:  [email protected]

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Course 4: U Create Formulas


This is a 5-hour long course that includes a formulation support kit, shipped free. This course evaluates your skill has a colorist. It is a tool when looking for employment, negotiating for a raise or becoming a manufacture’s educator. The completion of this course is an excellent tool for salon owners to evaluate new hires for ability and creativity. 5 hours of online videos and 6 COLOR CHALLENGES. The kit contains: 7 Client “GPS” Script forms to use for your formulation charts 130 Uprocess Universal Hair Color Flash Cards   The Challenge is to develop 6 Hair Color formulations for 6 imaginary clients. Each imaginary client has a GPS form filled out, the form is in the online module Your mission is to look at the videos to understand the information on the “GPS”form and create a formula for that imaginary client represented on the form. Four modules contain go-to information, the flash cards assist in determining the client’s existing color and what color is desired. There may be several different ways to obtain results. After you have written your formula out on the GPS formulation chart take a picture of the chart and place it in the forum or email it to [email protected] Navigators will evaluate your formulation and why you selected that process. There may be more than one way to achieve the results. Uprocess Navigators will understand your reasoning.   After registering you will receive a username and password to start your course. Your U Create Kit will be mailed to the address you provided.   Course 4 Cost $150.00   Contact: [email protected]

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