Course 3: Driven 2 Hair Color Performance, includes course 2 “The GPS”




The course can be completed in 5-9 weeks. We recommend you take no longer than 9 weeks as you will build your skill set faster and stronger.

The GPS gives you all the information needed to be a great hair colorist. Using that information, you apply all you have learned from the GPS to the art of mixing, applying, and evaluating hair color results found in Driven 2 Hair Color Performance.

You will be working with a 5-section mannequin, each section is a different natural hair color. You will create and apply 12 different color formulas in designated patterns.

Each hair color section will give different results with the same formula.  You will see 60 different colors on your mannequin.  Your work is to observe and understand the results.

Why is each section giving different results with the same color formula?  Learn what is and is not possible.

Take a video of each finished application, tell your thoughts on the results.  Place the video in the forum. Your navigator will check your work and respond with comments. Check out previous forums.


Course 3 kit:


All items and online education in “The GPS” and “Driven 2 Hair Color Perfection”

5 Section Human Hair Mannequin

Hair Color Scale

Hair Color Timer

Press and Seal sectioning product

Clips, Comb, Gloves, Towel

Clarifying Shampoo


Types of Hair Color:




High lift


10 Minute / Express Color

Backpack carrying bag


Course 3 Cost: $1250.00


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