Course 4: U Create Formulas




This is a 5-hour long course that includes a formulation support kit, shipped free.

This course evaluates your skill has a colorist. It is a tool when looking for employment, negotiating for a raise or becoming a manufacture’s educator. The completion of this course is an excellent tool for salon owners to evaluate new hires for ability and creativity.

5 hours of online videos and 6 COLOR CHALLENGES.

The kit contains:

7 Client “GPS” Script forms to use for your formulation charts

130 Uprocess Universal Hair Color Flash Cards


The Challenge is to develop 6 Hair Color formulations for 6 imaginary clients.

Each imaginary client has a GPS form filled out, the form is in the online module

Your mission is to look at the videos to understand the information on the “GPS”form and create a formula for that imaginary client represented on the form.

Four modules contain go-to information, the flash cards assist in determining the client’s existing color and what color is desired. There may be several different ways to obtain results. After you have written your formula out on the GPS formulation chart take a picture of the chart and place it in the forum or email it to [email protected]

Navigators will evaluate your formulation and why you selected that process. There may be more than one way to achieve the results. Uprocess Navigators will understand your reasoning.


After registering you will receive a username and password to start your course. Your U Create Kit will be mailed to the address you provided.


Course 4 Cost $150.00


Contact: [email protected]