Build Your Hair Coloring Business 101

In today’s salons, we find it takes 18 – 36 months for a newly licensed hairstylist to be ready for their first chair. That’s too long, both for the new stylist and the salon owner! Hence was born. Steeped in the world of Cosmetology Science, Lois Rivera started hiring cosmetology graduates in 1976 and, since then, has successfully enhanced the lives of hundreds of new staff members in her salons both here and abroad. provides an educational bridge between basic Cosmetology Education and Master Hair Coloring Programs. Now, in just 5-9 weeks, a new stylist who has completed The GPS course and the Driven 2 Hair Color Performance course is ready to accept new clients and be on the path to financial success!


Cosmetologists are artists. Most are right-brained. Many see lines and design, others focus on how color creates beauty. The artist revels in design and color but is often confused when trying to achieve what is in their minds for their client. That is when the left side of the brain must be utilized. Math and scientific facts must be accessed. The GPS delivers “Color Coding” and “The Script” formulation that generates perfect hair color for every client.

The right and left sides of the brain collaborate, delivering all the necessary technical data needed for great hair coloring results. Hair Color Selection and Formulation are easy when you “Stick to the Script”.

How operates on a college-level educational website platform allowing a three–part learning system.

Learn – Do – Share

Learn: Watch the educational video modules. Each module is approximately one hour long, consisting of 6-10 videos (each is 6-10 minutes long).

Do: After watching the video, execute the hands-on project using color formulation tools or the hair coloring in our exclusive Uprocess Color Academy kit. Then take the quiz. Answering the questions in the quiz locks the information in your brain.

Share: Share your hands-on project results and your takeaway ideas by making a video of your work. Place the video in the appropriate module’s forum. Your navigator will check your quizzes and your forum presentations. Sharing in the forums creates a new dynamic in communication, giving your consultations credibility, color formulation reliability, boosting your creativity, and making you a top colorist!

My Story

My Story: Lois Rivera

My salon career started in a Princeton, New Jersey.  I knew nothing about the chemistry of hair color.  My boss mixed my client’s hair color formulas.  Memorizing those formulas made my job easy since only eight of my eighty clients received hair color services.  Making money was from mechanical services as my other seventy plus clients were Shampoo and Sets and or Permanent Waves customers.

Four years later, I opened my first salon and I suddenly had to learn hair color formulation.  Since then, I have spent my life honing the craft and science of hair color.

Seventeen years later I opened a second salon in Toms River, New Jersey. The salon was located at the entrance to a senior citizen village. The salon was brand new and large, room for 20 stylists.  I needed to hire and soon I discovered, not one of my new employees knew how to formulate hair color and every senior client that hated her gray hair wanted hair color.

To survive those early days, I mixed color 8 hours a day, 6 days a week until I bought a $5000 hair color computer.  Data was entered and out came the formula that gave the desired results.  Within months, the stylists became comfortable with their hair color success.  Six months later the computer was placed in a closet, the stylists had their clients’ formulas.  The stylists never truly learned or understood hair color.  They could not create an original formula on their own, most worked with just five saved computer driven formulas that gave adequate results.

A comprehensive color training method for my new hires seemed out of reach until an opportunity came in 2010 when I was asked to develop a hair color kit for the California Cosmetology School System.

One year later the “UPROCESS” kit with comprehensive color education was put to the test at Bellflower Cosmetology College in Lakewood, CA.

Teachers reported:

“Uprocess” offers a new paradigm in teaching hair coloring and declared “Now students have a real tool giving them a comprehensive learning system to achieve hair coloring success.”

"UProcess" provides a revolutionary system of tools and training to educate, engage and empower stylists to turn hair coloring challenges into victories.

Now the answer to the How’s, Why’s and If’s of hair color selection, formulation and application are all in one place “”