Course 1: Hair Color Coding




Hair Color Coding online modules can be completed in 1 hour.

Several hours of practice are suggested on models to train your eye to the concept.


Course1: Become the busiest Hair Colorist in town, not because of your color brand but because you have a trained eye that selects the best Hair Color for every client’s facial skin tone.

The online course is one hour long, divided into 5 modules, each 3-15 minutes long, 2 quizzes to help you check your knowledge and 2 forums to share ideas and insights.

Once registered you will receive by mail your hands on kit:

Silver and Gold facial drapes

2 double sided hair color-coding selectors

Certificates of completion are offered when quizzes completed.

Navigators are always there to answer questions or confirm your insights.


Course 1 Cost: $150.00

For more information contact: [email protected]